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Mushroom Trade 

Bringing commercial mushroom farmers together with medical professionals to promote the use of medicinal mushrooms. 

Why the MTA?


We gather the most knowledgable and resourceful commercial mushroom growers together with cutting edge medical researchers and clinics.


We are located in Los Angeles California USA, and we are open to membership from anywhere in the world.



Our combined resources are made available to members such as participation in medical studies and assistance in product development.


Our members enjoy a wide range of benefits which can significantly increase their profits and accelerate their project goals.

In 2019, the global Medicinal Mushroom Extracts market size was USD 189.1 million and it is expected to reach USD 261.8 million by the end of 2026. 

Participate in the MTA: 

- donate your knowledge and experience to our Knowledge Base

- utilize our resources to promote the research and development of useful medicine. 

After peer review all of our comprehensive clinical studies at the MTA will be freely available to the public at no charge.


Medical Professionals

Trends show a rising demand for medicinal functional mushrooms used in restaurants, nutritional supplements and clinical treatments for a wide range of conditions. Join the MTA and utilize our resources to further pioneer the modern use of medicinal mushrooms in your work. 


Mushroom Growers

The MTA welcomes mushroom growers new and old. If you are interested in working with doctors and clinics on patient studies and emerging treatments please reach out to us! Build relationships with knowledgable medical professionals and take part in clinical studies. 



Our Knowledge Base continues to grow and so does our membership. We welcome doctors, patients and growers to donate data as we promote the medicinal properties of fungi and provide access to life saving treatments. 



We are all in this world together. We support the health and well being of our society with research and development of useful medicine. Volunteers are needed for educational materials and clinical studies.

Knowledge Base

Resources for sustainable farming

Links to our foundation

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With a growing interest in medicinal mushrooms and opportunities in growing, distribution and product development, we feel the industry and the world can benefit from a strong network of good science, resources and partnerships. Bring new useful fungi-based medicine to market with peer review and product development resources.


$ 5  
  • Contribute to the next published research study by the MTA and get access to the forum

Get Access

$ 90/yr   
  • Become a member of the MTA and get access to our knowledge base and legal resources 

Full Membership

$ 700/yr  
  • Participate in MTA business as a grower, medical professional or other related field

MTA Merchandise

Show your support for the future of mankind and The MTA

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